News: Major Reforms to the Juvenile Justice System with the Passage of SB 1008

June 11, 2019

Senate Bill 1008, which initiates major reforms to the juvenile justice system, has passed through the Oregon state legislature. This bill will ensure that Oregon’s youth experience rehabilitation, not the adult prison system. Find out more information about SB 1008 and its impact here.


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  • We are appointed by the court to represent children in foster care, parents in the child dependency system, and youth in the juvenile court system.
  • We created the SchoolWorks Program to advocate for vulnerable children struggling in school.
  • We publish the Juvenile Law Reader quarterly to provide practice tips, case law developments, and other resources to Oregon Juvenile Court practitioners.
  • Through the Juvenile Law Resource Center, we provide immediate, strategic advice to lawyers practicing juvenile law throughout the state.
  • We leverage our experience with individual cases to promote systemic change through legislative advocacy.




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