Information and Resources for Parents

Community Resources:

Resources for food, housing, substance abuse treatment, and culturally relevant services

Court Appointed Counsel

If your child is involved with the juvenile court because of allegations of abuse or neglect, you may be entitled to a court-appointed attorney. Contact the clerk's office at the Juvenile Court in your county to apply. Here is a directory of the Courts' hours of operation.

If you are not eligible for a court-appointed lawyer, click here for information on finding a lawyer in Oregon.


Citizen's Review Board

The Citizen Review Boards have developed a new statewide CRB Case Notes Sheet to guide the board members regarding areas of inquiry.


Other Resources for Parents 

Youth, Rights & Justice and the Parent Mentors of Parents Anonymous at the Morrison Center have adapted a family guide for Oregon parents involved in the child dependency system of the juvenile court called "A Family's Guide to the Child Welfare System adapted for Cases in Oregon Juvenile Courts."


Resources Galore - Portland
An extensive Portland metro area guide to social services. Listings include contact information and brief program descriptions. Covers alcohol and drug treatment, children and youth, medical and health, vision and dental, domestic violence, education, employment, financial assistance, food, housing, mental health, parenting, senior and disability services, and legal services.

By NAYA Family Center and Portland Impact, 2007.


A Resource Guide for Parents Incarcerated in Oregon
A guide designed to help parents who may be in local, state, or federal custody and are named in dependency cases.


It's OK to Need Support: A parent-to-parent guide to family support services 
These first-person stories by parents involved in the child welfare system can offer insight and support to parent clients, encouraging them to take steps to protect their children and themselves. The 24 page booklet includes stories such as "I Love You, I'm Sorry: I'm better off alone than with someone who hurts me," "Slowing Down in Life: Drugs got between me and my son," and "Do Over: Changing as a parent takes courage and practice."

By Rise Magazine and individual authors.


Parents Anonymous® - Oregon
Describes services offered by the Oregon affiliate of the national program, including a Parent Support Line, weekly parent support groups, and the Nurturing Children's Program.


Parents Anonymous® - National 
Provides information for parents and advocates about Parents Anonymous® programs and research on the effectiveness of parent participation.