Delinquency Resources for Attorneys

Direct and Collateral Consequences of a Delinquency Adjudication

The Juvenile Dispositional Grid is a two page, color coded guide to the duration of delinquency dispositions and other consequences of juvenile adjudications.  It is similar in form and function to the Oregon Sentencing Guidelines Grid published by OCDLA and includes information about: the juvenile duration of disposition and other consequences for all classes of offenses, including duration of probation, requirements for restitution and fines, duration of detention in a juvenile detention facility, duration of commitment to a youth correctional facility, duration of commitment to the Juvenile Psychiatric Security Review Board and duration of placement out of home in an non-correctional placement with the Oregon Youth Authority or Department of Human Services.  Also covered are blood and buccal samples, sex offender registration, impact on driving privileges and non-expungeable offenses.

Juvenile Sex Offender Registration

Recent Studies & Literature Indicate that Juvenile Sex Offender Registration is Inappropriate, Harmful and Ineffective Method of Preventing Crime, by Katharine Edwards, Law Clerk

SB 408 Frequently Asked Questions

Juvenile Sex Offender Information Booklet: Requirement, Penalties and Relief (pdf) 

Aid and Assist

Read about Oregon's Aid and Assist statutes for juveniles, passed in 2013, in the Juvenile Law Reader, vol. 10, issue 2.

Linn County 2010 Ruling on Juvenile Aid and Assist Motions: In a letter Opinion Judge Brumind found that that ORS 161.360-161.370 applies to a juvenile delinquency case.
Summary of Case
Full copy of the letter opinion
Legal Memorandum
Reply to State's Memorandum


Yamhill County Juvenile Court Puts Significant Limits on Physically Restraining Juveniles with Shackles During Court Appearances. link to opinion

State of Alaska - Proposed Delinquency Rule concerning "Use of Restraint" in the courtroom

Youth Resources

Click here for our juvenile delinquency resources for youth.