End to zero tolerance expulsion policies in Oregon

HB 2192 became effective July 1, 2014. This legislation was drafted by Youth, Rights & Justice and passed unanimously by the 2013 Oregon Legislature. The new law requires school districts to remove mandatory expulsion policies and limit the use of expulsion to real safety threats and chronic behavior problems that have not responded to other interventions. The new law also requires schools to implement discipline practices that are designed to keep students in school, are proportionate to the behavior and which take the student's age and development into consideration.

Full School Days for Transition-Aged Students with Disabilities 

On September 18, 2012, Portland Public Schools, Oregon's largest school district, signed an agreement with Disability Rights Oregon and Youth, Rights & Justice regarding the district's Community Transition Program. The agreement will end Community Transition Program's practice of providing school programs of 12-15 hours per week to students with disabilities in violation of state and federal laws that require 990 hours of educational and transition services per year. More information

Tuition Waivers for Foster Youth, Enacted in 2011

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Education Needs of Children in Foster Care

Foster children have historically had very poor educational outcomes due to frequent school changes, experiences of abuse and neglect, numerous health and social risk factors, and higher rates of disability. The 2011 report is titled "Education is the Lifeline for Youth in Foster Care."

YRJ attorney Brian Baker was a presenter at the conference, "Child Welfare, Education and the Courts: A Collaboration to Strengthen Educational Successes of Children and Youth in Foster Care," in November 2011. You can find materials from the conference here.

School Discipline

The Education Law Center's issue brief on School Discipline: "School discipline serves the important purpose of maintaining safe and orderly learning environments in our schools, but research shows that an emphasis on harsh, punitive practices, such as "zero tolerance" policies, does not improve school safety." 

The Oregon ACLU has many resources on youth and student rights, legislation, and recent news.

For information on the problem of minority over-representation in school discipline, go to our page on Minority Overrepresentation.

Bibliography of online resources for school discipline and School Discipline Handbooks by District

 Special Education

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