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The Juvenile Law Resource Center (JLRC) assists attorneys representing parents and children in child welfare dependency proceedings throughout Oregon. The JLRC provides written resources including case law updates, sample motions, practice guides and issue briefs. We periodically offer trainings for lawyers in juvenile court cases in areas identified as most important to practitioners. Finally, we are available to consult with attorneys on individual cases.

If you are a parent and are looking for information on obtaining a court-appointed lawyer, search for the website for the circuit court for your Oregon county here.

Additional Resources:


Training for Attorneys

2009 Parents' Attorney Training Materials  (Part of the 2009 JCIP Roadshow)

  •    Training Agenda
  •    Parent Training Presentation
  •    Learning from Parent Clients Brocure
  •    Using the Oregon Safety Model (OSM) to Advocate for Parents
  •    Attachment Theory and the Trauma of Removal
  •    Admissibility of Parenting Capacity Evaluations
  •    Appellate Update


Case Assistance for Attorneys

The JLRC's experienced attorneys are available to answer general questions and offer case-specific advice to lawyers representing parties in dependency and delinquincy cases at the trial and appellate level.

Court-appointed lawyers can email JLRCWorkgroup [at] youthrightsjustice.org . Unfortunately, this service cannot provide information or advice to non-lawyers. Lawyers who contact the JLRC can help expedite a response by providing:

• Name
• Phone number
• County
• Legal questions