SchoolWorks Outcomes

Youth, Rights & Justice created the SchoolWorks program in July 2002 in response to the poor educational experiences and dismal school outcomes among children and youth involved in the juvenile court system.  At the end of 12 years, SchoolWorks has served more than 2,700 students.  Among the cases that have closed, these are the outcomes that we have achieved to date (June 2014):

Among 802 students who were academically behind, 679 advanced academically (85%).

Among 669 students who displayed behavior problems at school, 574 students had improved behavior (86%).

Among 326 students with attendance problems, 240 students improved their attendance (74%).

Among 464 students who were not enrolled in school, 378 were re-enrolled (82%).

Among 164 students who were facing abrupt or unnecessary school moves, 133 were able to stay put (81%).

Among 466 students who were in a school or classroom that wasn't meeting their needs, 427 were moved to a more appropriate setting (92%).

Among 271 students facing expulsion, 249 were kept in school or had the length of expulsion dramatically reduced (92%).

Among 926 students who had insufficient school plans to meet their needs, 891 had new plans established (96%).  (This includes IEPs and 504 plans for students with disabilities.)

Among 315 students who needed new services to help them succeed, 316 received new services (97%).

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